Package org.jdesktop.application

Interface Summary
Application.ExitListener Give the Application a chance to veto an attempt to exit/quit.
SessionStorage.Property Defines the sessionState property.
TaskListener<T,V> Listener used for observing Task execution.

Class Summary
AbstractBean An encapsulation of the PropertyChangeSupport methods based on java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport.
ActionManager The application's ActionManager provides read-only cached access to ActionMaps that contain one entry for each method marked with the @Action annotation in a class.
Application The base class for Swing applications.
ApplicationAction The Action class used to implement the @Action annotation.
ApplicationActionMap An ActionMap class where each entry corresponds to an @Action method from a single actionsClass (i.e.
ApplicationContext A singleton that manages shared objects, like actions, resources, and tasks, for Applications.
LocalStorage Access to per application, per user, local file storage.
ResourceConverter A base class for converting arbitrary types to and from Strings, as well as a registry of ResourceConverter implementations.
ResourceManager The application's ResourceManager provides read-only cached access to resources in ResourceBundles via the ResourceMap class.
ResourceMap A read-only encapsulation of one or more ResourceBundles that adds automatic string conversion, support for field and Swing component property injection, string resource variable substitution, and chaining.
SessionStorage Support for storing GUI state that persists between Application sessions.
SessionStorage.SplitPaneProperty A sessionState property for JSplitPane.
SessionStorage.SplitPaneState This Java Bean records the dividerLocation and orientation properties of a JSplitPane.
SessionStorage.TabbedPaneProperty A sessionState property for JTabbedPane.
SessionStorage.TabbedPaneState This Java Bean record the selectedIndex and tabCount properties of a JTabbedPane.
SessionStorage.TableProperty A sessionState property for JTable
SessionStorage.TableState This Java Bean records the columnWidths for all of the columns in a JTable.
SessionStorage.WindowProperty A sessionState property for Window.
SessionStorage.WindowState This Java Bean defines the Window state preserved across sessions: the Window's bounds, and the bounds of the Window's GraphicsConfiguration, i.e.
SingleFrameApplication An application base class for simple GUIs with one primary JFrame.
Task<T,V> A type of SwingWorker that represents an application background task.
Task.InputBlocker Specifies to what extent input to the Application's GUI should be blocked while this Task is being executed and provides a pair of methods, block and unblock that do the work of blocking the GUI.
TaskEvent<T> An encapsulation of the value produced one of the Task execution methods: doInBackground(), process, done.
TaskListener.Adapter<T,V> Convenience class that stubs all of the TaskListener interface methods.
TaskMonitor This class is intended to serve as the model for GUI components, like status bars, that display the state of an application's background tasks.
View A View encapsulates a top-level Application GUI component, like a JFrame or an Applet, and its main GUI elements: a menu bar, tool bar, component, and a status bar.

Enum Summary
Task.BlockingScope Specifies to what extent the GUI should be blocked a Task is executed by a TaskService.

Exception Summary
ResourceMap.InjectFieldException Unchecked exception thrown by ResourceMap.injectFields(java.lang.Object) when an error occurs while attempting to set a field (a field that had been marked with @Resource).
ResourceMap.LookupException Unchecked exception thrown by ResourceMap.getObject(java.lang.String, java.lang.Class) when resource lookup fails, for example because string conversion fails.
ResourceMap.PropertyInjectionException Unchecked exception thrown by ResourceMap.injectComponent(java.awt.Component) and ResourceMap.injectComponents(java.awt.Component) when a property value specified by a resource can not be set.

Annotation Types Summary
Action Marks a method that will be used to define a Swing Action object's actionPerformed method.